Lache, 2008. Gelatin, glycerine, and ink, 4 meters long.

Shift Capacity: Gereon Krebber

Pigeon deterrents, glue, nylon, marijuana, film, spray paint, wood. Such are the materials listed for Gereon Krebber’s Let’s talk about it later (2010). Without a doubt, Krebber loves materials that we would not expect in an art context. If we were to tally up all of the substances he has used, the list would be long—and there would be nothing to indicate that these are sculptor’s materials. We would find such things as plastic wrap, polyurethane foam, tape, Styrofoam, Post-it notes, burnt wood, epoxy resin, plastic tubing and bicycle inner tubes, chewing gum, oatmeal, sugar, gelatin, beef gullets, black spaghetti, and pigs’ ears, feet, and tails. Although Krebber also uses traditional materials such as steel and concrete, they mostly serve to support and stabilize his sculptures or to form a hard core beneath outer skins of plastic wrap or masses of polyurethane foam. This diversity of materials corresponds to the multitude of formal possibilities that Krebber allows himself.…see the entire article in the print version of September’s Sculpture magazine.