Bi83, 2014. Flourite drillings, dimensions variable.

Shaping Time: A Conversation with Carlos Irijalba

Inquiry into the role of space and time in artistic practice has been a constant regardless of medium. The same applies to the intent of capturing time in the work itself, a philosophical quest that has occupied more than a few artists. In the case of Spanish artist Carlos Irijalba, sculpture is more than the medium in which he has been trained; it is the most appropriate way of addressing these complex issues. Using the vocabulary of geology, Irijalba draws a parallel between geological time and the tempos that belong to social dynamics. In his visual language, the processes of sedimentation or mineral crystallization can be likened to the way that language evolves within a society, a volcanic structure amounts to a revolution in historical terms, and asphalt, equating to stratigraphy, is the present time. …see the entire article in the print version of April’s Sculpture magazine.