Ann Jon, Genesis IV, 2013. Wood, Lexan, fiberglass, and pigment, 3 x 36 x 12 ft. From SculptureNow.

SculptureNow 2013

Lenox, Massachusetts

 The Mount

For 16 seasons, sculptor Ann Jon has organized outdoor exhibitions in Western Massachusetts, attracting increasingly able artists as time has gone on. The venues for Sculpture­Now have also changed, as the show migrated from the Berkshire Botanical Gardens to the streets of Stockbridge, Great Barrington, and Lenox. This past summer, “Con­fluence” was installed at Sculpture­Now’s most spacious and appropriate site yet—the vast acreage of The Mount, summer home of the writer Edith Wharton. Some of the boldest work was the simplest, showing up best in the landscape. Traffic barriers inspired Matt Harding’s assertive The Thir­teenth Piece Was a Shape Switch; despite a strong interplay of angles and zebra stripes, there was not much lingering subtlety. The same may be said for Gary Orlinsky’s very visible Proscenium in Green and Bob Turan’s Heat Wave, although both looked great in their environs. Steven Dono’s boldly constructed Medusa Oblongata could be mis­­taken for a playground element, except for the hawser rope delicately held by a mannequin hand…see the entire review in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.