Technorama Façade, 2002, 80,000 wind-animated plates, 222 ft. long. Work installed in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Sculpting Consciousness in Time and Space: A Conversation with Ned Kahn

MacArthur Fellow Ned Kahn is one of the most undefined artists working today. And that is just the way he likes it. His refusal to be pigeonholed grants him the freedom to embark on projects of his own choosing, whether they be wind curtains to cover the urban blight of a concrete parking garage or indoor weather systems in public spaces. While the avant-garde has always used the crossing of boundaries as a calling card, Kahn smashes borders in the most fundamental manner—through transformation of the elements. His unique collaborative form of public art reflects an intensely personal inquiry shading into a universal quest—to make spirit visible in matter.