Lovescape, 2004. Mixed media, 8 x 20 x 15 ft.

Saya Woolfalk: The Harmonics of Dislocation

A kaleidoscopic transformation unfolds to the soft and soothing drone of a narrator as she guides the viewer through a marvelous land where humans, plants, and objects engage one another. Barriers break down. Identities cross-fertilize. Linear time loses all relevance. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds meets Japanese anime to the rhythm of a stylized Butoh dance. Visceral anticipation rules.

New York-based Saya Woolfalk is part of a rising phenomenon in today’s global art scene, an artist who brings much-needed new energy to the utopian vision and interdisciplinary approach espoused by such early 20th-century pioneers as the Dadaists and the Bauhaus School. Born in Gifu, Japan, to a Japanese mother and an African American and Caucasian father, she is also in a perfect position to chart an expanded definition of cultural diversity and tackle the sexual, racial, and gender issues ignited by the culture wars of the 1980s…see the entire article in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.