Sandra Muss, Portals, 2017.

Sandra Muss

Washington, DC

The Kreeger Museum

Walking through the woods at the Kreeger Museum, visitors encounter a series of seven rather mysterious pillars (the seven pillars of wisdom from Proverbs?), although it takes a moment to identify them since they are only partly there, somewhat like a magician’s now-you-see-it, nowyou- don’t feint. Made of reflective stainless steel and enclosed by a wire trellis threaded with vines and leaves, the pillars were created by Sandra Muss, an artist based in Washington DC, New York, and the Berkshires. They are the latest addition to the Kreeger’s sculpture park and the expanded program for outdoor permanent installations initiated by director Judy A. Greenberg, who recently retired after 23 years. The museum itself–beloved by…see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.