Rita Simoni

Buenos Aires


I have been following the work of the Argentine artist Rita Simoni for many years, and I must confess that it still surprises me. Her work offers a clear example of a skill that can’t be ignored by contemporary artists—the ability to adapt to a specific environment using as many stylistic devices and supports as needed. Architect, photographer, visual artist, Simoni can move from the two-dimensional to installation, from an artist’s book to 3D digital design; there are no limits for her. Humectaria took place in an unconventional, almost unthinkable, and even hostile space. Simoni completely transformed the basement space of Zafarrancho into a sort of “cosmic portal” that transported viewers from the dark, enclosed city to the heart of the Argentine forests: the Paraná Delta and the Tucumán Yungas. Zafarrancho, which frequently floods, has moisture problems that become noticeable as soon as you begin to descend the stairs. …see the entire review in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.