Myron Helfgott, Buddha Wisdom/What Women Have Told Me, 2005-06. Plywood, wood slats, electric motor, mixed media, and audio, dimensions variable.

Myron Helfgott

Richmond, Virginia

Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts

Myron Helfgott is as skeptical of language as he is fascinated by its tendency toward misrepresentation and digression, effects that can be problematic but also poetic, ironic, or humorous. A recent retrospective covering 45 years of studio practice revealed his interest in the machinations of conversation, the various emotional, psychological, and intellectual manifestations of its give and take. The work contains the everyday musings of friends and lovers, inward negotiations, pronouncements of high theory, dialogue from novels and films, and graffiti tags. Helfgott is interested in the narratives, conjectures, categorizations, and inaccuracies spinning out of this chatter. …see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.