Richard Purdy, Unrestored, 2010. 709 framed original paintings, EPDM rubber, and water, 5,868 sq. ft.

Richard Purdy

Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada

Shawinigan Space

Navigating through Richard Purdy’s water-themed installations in “ecH20,” offered some insight into one of Canada’s most wily and interdisciplinary creative “producers” For this solo show, Shawinigan Space, North American’s oldest aluminum fabrication facility and a designated National Historic site, was transformed into a temple, visitors were invited to take off their shoes, wear crocs or go barefoot, and walk into a watery indoor world set atop an EDPM geotextile floor. A relief map of an inverted world, originally conceived as a floor mosaic for the Ecole Nationale du Cirque in Montreal, was…see the full review in July/August’s magazine.