Don Ramey, AdamEve I- First Breath, 2015.

“Revival: Stone and Steel”

Rutland, Vermont

Castleton Downtown Gallery

The artists featured in “Revival: Stone and Steel” bring new life to their chosen materials in unique figural, botanical, mechanical, and conceptual ways. Selected by curator Oliver Schemm for their versatile skills and hands-on manipulation of media, they all come from the Rutland and Barre regions of Vermont, where quarrying, carving, and forging are part of the local language. Sabrina Fadial’s Burdock, an intricate sculpture incorporating steel and gold leaf, consists of 108 forged steel tapers with curlicue tips emanating from a golden core. The marks of the hand, hammering on what used to be molten metal, are as sensitive as the strokes of a drawing. Wisteria features pods of sheet metal, with welded edges suspended on hand-forged stems. The voluptuous forms, inflated with air. …see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.