Toy #1, 2015. Polyurea, metal frame, engine, and mixed media, 3.3 meters tall, 3-meter diameter when rotating.

Revisiting Lin Tianmiao

Experimental artist Lin Tianmiao has been dramatically expanding her work in recent years, moving from her signature textiles, ribbons, and threads into found objects and sound. A recent visit to Lin’s studio and home near Beijing offered an opportunity to see current works, as she prepared for upcoming exhibitions. Spread along the floor, an extremely long carpet composed of dozens of smaller woven carpets looked much like a tapestry, with purple and red yarn emerging in strong tufts. The surface illustrates the title, Protruding Patterns (2014), forming a relief of bulging Chinese characters and several English words, including “Duchess” and “Cherry.” …see the entire article in the print version of sept’s Sculpture magazine.