Rienhard Mucha, Die Deutsche Frage / Dornap, for Philip Nelson, 2007. 2-part work. (Freestanding): wood,float glass, hardboard, oil paint print on bituminized felt base, 4 wooden footstools, 4 cardboard suitcases, leather cardboard, and metal, 71.9 x 30.3 x 20.5 in.; (on wall): aluminium, float glass, enamel, oil paint print on bituminized felt base, hard bard, and wood, 70 x 236.1 x 21.1 in.

Reinhard Mucha

New York

Luhring Augustine Gallery

Allow me to spread my cards on the table. I consider Reinhard Mucha to be among our most impressive contemporary sculptors. I first encountered one of his works about 30 years ago, and that experience has stayed with me ever since—despite seeing truckloads of contemporary art and the fact that this first impression could not be confirmed through subsequent sightings. Mucha’s sculptures are hardly ever shown outside of Germany, because, as he told me when we met unexpectedly at his New York gallery, he works slowly, with quiet deliberation; dealers and collectors need to be patient. The rewards, however, are worth the wait. The fact that I remember the quiet majesty of one work seen so long ago, testifies to the lasting power of Mucha’s vision. There was nothing loud or sensational about that assemblage, though it was extraordinary.…see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.