Duo Nesting Boxes, 2021. Laminated non-tempered glass, 72 x 336 x 132 in. Photo: Bill Jacobson Studio, New York, © Larry Bell, Courtesy Dia Art Foundation, the artist, and Hauser & Wirth

Real Light and Real Angles: A Conversation with Larry Bell

Larry Bell has been pursuing abstract art for over six decades. He is known for his surface treatment of
glass, using it to explore light and space, reflections and shadows, in sculptures that usually take the form of cubes and nesting boxes. In addition to sculpture, he has worked in painting as well as furniture design. Bell uses commercial, industrial processes. Since 1969, his studio has managed its own high-vacuum coating system, enabling him to deposit thin metal films directly onto his glass surfaces. This process, a little-known technique developed for aeronautics, has facilitated a unique body of work. In addition to a solo exhibition at Hauser & Wirth in London earlier this year, Bell currently has a solo exhibition at Dia Beacon in Beacon, New York.

Robert Preece: How did you settle on the color, form, and treatment of the glass in Duo Nesting Boxes (2021), which features prominently in your Dia Beacon show?
Larry Bell: The work is made with two pieces of clear glass, and the color comes from thin plastic film sandwiched between them. In Duo Nesting Boxes, there are two shades of blue, named Turquoise and Spa by the manufacturer, and two frosted shades called Sea Salt and True Fog . . .

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