View of installation with stones from the 4 rivers of Cuenca at the Cuenca Biennial, Ecuador, 2009.

Raquel Rabinovich: Fluid Equilibrium

Raquel Rabinovich, an Argentine-born artist who has lived and worked in New York and the Hudson River Valley for several years, is possessed by a kind of fluidity associated with Borges—a writer to whom many contemporary Argentine artists have been compared—as well as with the pragmatic Enlightenment philosopher John Locke. Following the latter, Rabinovich is a “democratic” artist whose work aspires to a kind of metaphysical equilibrium, a stasis within kinesis, whereby the fulcrum constitutes a state of mind perpetually revolving in relation to planet Earth. As the seasons turn, so the artist turns, and, in turning, makes herself exemplary by “doing her own thing.” Rabinovich’s aesthetic predisposition functions according to a predestined idea in which the equivocation between nature and culture ultimately begets a discourse on writing, which inevitably returns to the labyrinth of Borges…see the entire article in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.