Rae Bolotin, Peeled World 3, 2007. Stainless steel and baked enamel, 173 x 150 x 130 cm.

Rae Bolotin

Mount Tomah, Australia

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Australian sculptor Rae Bolotin creates works characterized by seductive surfaces and the innovative use of line in space. Born in Tashkent in Uzbekistan, she took an electrical engineering degree and studied art. She came to Australia in 1979 as a refugee. An interior design business led to an interest in space, form, and volume, and, ultimately, to sculpture. The simple outline and form of the apple has intrigued Bolotin since her earliest work in concrete. However, when she became interested in the peel—a form about the absence of form—she had to find a new material. During a residency at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, Bolotin studied the ancient Chinese method of metal beating. She wanted to preserve the craft by using it in a contemporary way. Traditionally this method is used for panels of copper, and after initial experimentation with that metal, she decided to work with stainless steel. …see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.