Rachel Rotenberg, Before Midnight, 2012. Wood, vine, and oil paint, 86 x 78 x 46 in.

Rachel Rotenberg

Washington, DC

Hillyer Art Space

One of the most compelling aspects of Rachel Rotenberg’s sculptures is their singular admixture of delicacy and robustness. The first of these qualities comes from the apparently effortless ways in which she turns, pulls, and molds her materials—typically cedar planks, often combined with tree limbs or vines—into endlessly suggestive forms, complete with subtle color accents. The robustness, on the other hand, is more a function of projected energy than physical scale. Though this Canadian-born and Baltimore-based sculptor has been exhibiting for almost three decades, her work has only lately begun to gain the critical attention that it deserves. …see the entire review in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.