“Pensar todo de nuevo”


Presented in six “chapters,” released weekly from May 21 – June 25, 2020

“‘To Think Everything Over Again‘ is an exhibition conceived shortly before the pandemic began and which was resignified in the context of isolation that began in March 2020. Before all this happened, we perceived the symptoms of an exhausted world. To Think Everything Over Again proposes returning to a set of works made before the crisis that can be read in the present key. They are works that interrogate the relationship between man and nature, the radical differences in the distribution of wealth, the existence of inequalities, the meaning of the domestic, isolation, loneliness, forms of memory and feminism as a practice and as a theory that installed all these questions in advance. Faced with the symptoms of an upcoming return to normality, a question implicitly runs through the exhibition, to what state of the world do we want to return to?”