Pablo Dompé, Portal, 2008. Calacatta marble, 66 x 60 x 24 cm.

Pablo Dompé

Buenos Aires

Recoleta Cultural Center

Pablo Dompé learned his craft while working with his sculptor father. The son of two artists—a sculptor and a painter—he ultimately discovered that sculpture was his language of expression. He is building an extraordinary personal aesthetic of the organic and the visceral, with prominent volumes that combine abstraction and subtle figuration while invading both public and private space. Dompé uses a variety of materials: stone, wood, resin, and concrete. He complements carving with welding in different metals, modeling, and drawing. The presence of his curving masses in space and the chance to walk around them (many of these pieces are of considerable size) allow artist and viewer to interact. His organic forms refer to the kingdom of the living—flora and fauna, human beings and their vital organs. Those references become part of a symbolizing process, carrying meanings derived from Dompé’s inner dialogues and questions; the forms challenge us to understand what they represent and what messages they hide. …see the entire review in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.