Catherine Evans, Sea Anemone/Boston, 2013. Repurposed plastic fiber, dimensions variable.

“OccupyING the Present”


HarborArts Outdoor Gallery

HarborArts Outdoor Gallery not only features a permanent collection of large-scale sculpture, it also hosts temporary exhibitions at the Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina. Located in East Boston, directly across the harbor from the Institute of Contemporary Art, the 14-acre shipyard offers its grounds, walls, and roofs to artists with the imagination to re-envision the industrial environment as a home for sculpture. “OccupyING the Present,” a show of 15 site-responsive installations curated by Elizabeth Michelman, filled the bustling shipyard with carefully orchestrated works that inhabited and complemented the built environment. Many of the sculptures evolved over the duration of their installation, slowly transformed by the harsh harbor weather. Nature was a welcome collaborator, and the theme of our relationship to the natural world echoed through­out the show… see the entire review in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.