Nivi Alroy, Medusa Gigantean, 2011. Mixed media, 240 x 210 x 150 cm.

Nivi Alroy

Tel Aviv

Fresh Paint 4

Interdisciplinary artist Nivi Alroy, recipient of last year’s Igal Ahouvi Art Collection prize, recently presented “Food Chain,” an exhibition of sculptural installations, an animation piece, and paintings. Her ideas draw from phenomena in nature, science, and microbiology, dealing with systems of fusion, symbiosis, transformation, and collapse. Here, as in the past (when working in New York and Paris), one of her main themes was the vulnerability of human territory and possessions to the uncontrollable forces of nature. Some of her pieces also serve as metaphors for the continuation of life after disaster. Alroy constructs her installations from furniture parts—both miniature and full size—architectural elements, and lumps of porcelain-coated polystyrene. Dripping City, which was viewed through a slit in the wall, effectively illustrated the unbroken rhythm of life. …see the entire review in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.