Nicola L., Atmosphere,2005. Transparent Cotton, 120x90in

Nicola L.

New York

Elga Wimmer Gallery

Nicola L., a French-born, New York-based sculptor of considerable talent, who has won recognition over a period of decades, recently restaged “Atmosphere in White,” a comprehensive show of her work originally presented at the Liverpool Biennial in 2014. According to the artist, the exhibition title was chosen “because every single one of these objects is white, and this shared whiteness binds them together as a sort of dream-memory.” In the gallery, the different objects developed slightly haphazard relations with each other, playing off a wide variety of sculptural shapes—lamps with heads, a bookcase shaped like a head, a huge illuminated eye. One of the nicer aspects of the show was its lack of seriality; most often, the pieces were one of a kind, which allowed viewers to focus on individual motivations and formal implications. Some of the earliest works dated to the late 1960s, while the most recent piece was made in 2015 (Bea­tles Banner, consisting of a photo transfer on a vinyl banner). As one might guess of an artist who came of age in the ’60s, Nicola L.’s production is very much a Pop vision. …see the entire review in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.