Tatiana Trouve, Desire Lines, 2015. Metal, wood, ink, and rope, 137.5 x 299.5 x 374 in.

Tatiana Trouvé

New York

Central Park

On first encounter, Desire Lines, Tatiana Trouvé’s installation at the Doris C. Freedman plaza in Central Park, looked like it could have been discarded from a textile mill. Four large racks—each containing spools grouped large to small (212 in all) and filled with coils of rope in an array of colors and textures—stood at the ready. Each rope, when unwound, gauged the length of a walkway or path in the park, while a small brass plaque mounted along the spool’s rim, and inscribed with a serial number, a descriptive title, and the name of a historical march or walk, or a writing, performance, song, or artwork, lent new associations to the chosen route. Invitations to take a walk along Central Park’s many paths metaphorically, conceptually, and perhaps even physically, Trouvé’s spools let loose multiple narratives, evoking poetic correspondences connecting the present to history, time, and place through naming and unwinding. …see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.