Nayland Blake, Workroom, 2017.

Nayland Blake

San Francisco

500 Capp Street Foundation

Using only a few deceptively simplelooking elements, Workroom, Nay – land Blake’s recent installation in the garage of David Ireland’s former home, transformed a bare concrete cubicle into an imaginary performative environment. A little metal and leather and a temporary fabric wall punctuated with interesting openings succeeded, among other things, in recalling places and spaces largely erased from San Francisco– first by the AIDS epidemic and, later, by relentless gentrification. Entering from the side door, visitors encountered three silvery leather pillows on the floor, each attached by a cable to a steel rail running the width of the room just in front of the back wall. A pinkish, purplish light cast by several strategically located bulbs–the only illumination– appeared simultaneously festive and ominous, complicating any interpretation of the space and its function. …see the entire review in the print version of April’s Sculpture magazine.