Mira’s show “209 Ignition” at the Kelley Roy Gallery.

Mira Lehr


Kelly Roy Gallery

For years Mira Lehr has employed non-traditional materials and destructive processes to create mixed-media paintings and—more recently—mobiles and videos of chemically transformed, burned, and otherwise repurposed materials. In her 12-foot-tall mobile Indefinite Integral, snarls of wire and twine, smears of rich color, and charred paper scraps trapped in hardened clear resin shards cascaded down taut lengths of fishing line to form a magical trunkless tree whose “leaves” seemed to have been beautifully transformed by a mischievous ice storm. A “how-I-do-it” video in the gallery depicted Lehr drawing illusionistic convexities by guiding the flame of a dynamite fuse across an obligingly manipulated canvas. Her assemblages and collages can be fairly characterized as materially evocative, allegorically naturalistic, or otherworldly. In the painting Flanders Field, Lehr’s crudely penciled operating instructions to herself are to “stay away from obvious beauty… get one idea and blow it up or multiply it over and over.”…see the entire review in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.