Mie Olsie, installation view of “Noplacia,” 2014.

Mie Olise

Los Angeles

Samuel Freeman Gallery

“Noplacia,” the title of Danish artist Mie Olise’s recent exhibition, is taken from the opening line of the poem that introduces Thomas More’s Utopia (1516). More invented both word and concept, basing his visualization of a perfect society on Plato’s Republic. Olise’s Noplacia, a locale distinguished by abandoned, dys­topian, and desolated architectural spaces, opposes this Republic. Her structures embody the idea of “transrealism,” a literary form related to science fiction and based on the idea that reality is either constructed or nonexistent. Working with both organic and geometric forms, Olise blends architecture, art, and psychology. Her objects are provisional, reducing the concept of sculpture to a few minimal precepts. The results resemble temporary structures that have inexplicably fallen in on themselves, becoming non-things in non-spaces…see the entire review in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.