Vito Acconci, Walkways Through the Walls, 1998. View of site-specific commission. Concrete and glass.

Midwest Express Center


“Homeward bound at last, north from Milwaukee on Christmas eve. The red towered station looks very German. But the stern, tattered, tall twilight is American; little by little it will change the German faces; and all that in the near future we can hope for, or fear, is resemblance.” This quotation from Glenway Westcott’s Goodbye to Wisconsin was one of numerous texts Milwaukee artist Jill Sebastian inscribed on the walls as part of the public art component of the Midwest Express Center, the city’s new convention facility… Subscribe to Sculpture Magazine to read the full review.

Jill Sebastian and Anne Kingsbury, untitled project for interior of Midwest Express Center, 1998. Curved wall, two portals with text, cherry and stainless steel, 34 x 864 ft.