Mia Feuer, Suspended Landscape, 2010. Styrofoam, enamel paint, and steel, dimensions variable.

Mia Feuer

Washington, DC, and Arlington, Virginia

Transformer Gallery and
Arlington Arts Center

Two recent installations in the Washington area, Suspended Landscape at the Transformer Gallery and Evacuation Route with Rubies at the Arlington Arts Center, showcased Mia Feuer’s bold, chaotic work. Forms evoking industry and its perils hung from ceilings, snaked around floors, and forcefully—yet whimsically—invaded the personal space of visitors, who ducked under and circled around the sprawling pieces. The young artist, a native of Winnipeg, Canada, spent time in the Middle East traversing checkpoints between Israel and Palestine and moved to DC following a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, so she knows about obstructions of various sorts. She draws inspiration from the manmade urban environments…see the full review in January/February’s magazine.