Teresa Margolles, Muro Baleado/Shot Wall (Culiacan), 2009. 115 concrete blocks with bullet holes, 213 x 396 x 15.2 cm. From “Mexico Inside Out.”

“Mexico Inside Out: Themes in Art Since 1990”

Fort Worth, Texas

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

“Mexico Inside Out: Themes in Art Since 1990” was impressive not only because it presented, in a cohesive and consistent fashion, works from many of the most important artists in Mexico today, but also because, taken together, these works shed light on the complex realities of a nation gripped by violence and uncertainty. The usual journalism that many of us north of the border are exposed to has made us numb to the escalating violence just to the south. This show, however, brought that reality past the surface level of sympathy to a place of deep compassion and empathy. It is no surprise that “Mexico Inside Out” was dominated by sculpture and documentary video—the two media most removed from illusion…see the entire review in the print version of July/August’s Sculpture magazine.