Meredith James, See-Through, 2007-10. Salvaged wood and windows, 8 x 7 x 9 ft.

Meredith James

New York

Marc Jancou Contemporary

Not yet 30, with a 2009 MFA from Yale, Meredith James might be characterized as someone whose time has come a bit too soon. But the truth is otherwise: her work is brilliantly effective and wonderfully new, emphasizing the unpredictable workings of perception—its ability to persuade us that observations are real when they may, in fact, be anything but genuine, James’s constructions are smart investigations into the nature of human ingenuity and the interplay between new and traditional ideas about art. A true sculptor, she practices an art that is deeply postmodern in its whimsicality and ad-hoc exploration of visual depth (although we remember that perspective has been, after all, a major concern for Western artists for some 500 years). Even so, her work…see the full review in January/February’s magazine.