Melissa Pokorny, Unmoored and Adrift, 2011. Archival inkjet prints, polystyrene, aluminum, polyurethane resin, found objects, and pins, 80 x 118 x 24 in.

Melissa Pokorny


Platform Gallery

Melissa Pokorny’s recent show offered a startling and unexpectedly beautiful selection of her mid-scale, found-object, assemblage sculptures. Using fairly bizarre cast-offs and then reconfiguring them into conglomerations with an absurd, shiny glamour, Pokorny reinvigorates a netherworld spawned by Joseph Cornell and perfected by Robert Rauschenberg. Like Cornell’s work, Ether (all works are 2011) seems an eerie shadow box mounted on a wall, but its two faux windowpanes reveal a burning room and a darkened one with a central glow.…see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.