Erwin Fabian, Dark Dawn, 2015. Welded steel, 179 x 133 x 84 cm.

Erwin Fabian


Australian Galleries

In a society obsessed with youth and innovation, older artists are often ignored and forgotten. Not so with Erwin Fabian, who recently celebrated his 100th birthday with a major exhibition of new works. There is no need to make concessions for his age: the sculptures have a very strong presence, ranging from the intimate to the imposing. The son of the distinguished painter Max Fabian, Erwin Fabian was born in Berlin in 1915. He was already in London in 1938 when the situation for Jews in Germany was most precarious. At the outbreak of World War II, since he still carried a German passport, he was arrested as an enemy alien and deported to Aus­tralia, where he was interned for two years. After the war, he returned to London, but eventually Melbourne became his home. And so, by a twist of fate, Australia gained a major artist. …see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.