Mayumi Sarai, Beginning, 2014. Wood, dimensions variable.

Mayumi Sarai

New York

Lori Bookstein Fine Art

Mayumi Sarai is a Japanese-born sculptor who trained at the Nihon University College of Art in Tokyo and at the New York Studio School. Currently, she pursues her career as a carver in Bayonne, New Jersey, and Colchester, New York. Her strongly three-dimensional pieces often take the form of repetitive spheres, fashioned in such a way as to look like a larger gestalt such as a knot or a braid of hair. These forms reiterate her talent for building bigger images from small units or modules of construction. In general, Sarai’s work tends to be relatively neutral in the debate over influence or conscious cultural hybridity; it speaks instead to the interesting interstice between abstraction and figuration, so that viewers…see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.