Maria Nepomuceno, Untitled, 2010. Braided straw, ropes, and beads, 440 x 400 x 350 cm.

Maria Nepomuceno


Victoria Miro Gallery

Climbing the stairs into Maria Nepomuceno’s recent exhibition was like entering a lush clearing in the Amazon rainforest of her native Brazil, complete with a carnival of bright, vibrant colors; sensuous, slightly sinister shapes resembling fleshy, carnivorous plants; a hammock, perhaps made from jungle creepers by a passing Indian hunter-gatherer; and basket-like forms reminiscent of spice stalls in a tropical market. Nepomuceno conjured these impressions from a variety of everyday materials: cord, rope, straw, carnauba leaves, and what she calls “necklaces” made from beads ranging in size from pea to beach ball…see the full review in April’s magazine.