Installation view of “The time of the incalculable,” M77 Gallery, Milan, 2021–22. Photo: Lorenzo Palmieri

Maria Lai: The time of the incalculable


M77 Gallery

On view through February 26, 2022

Realized in collaboration with the Archivio Maria Lai, and designed and curated by Alberto Salvadori, “Il tempo dell’incalcolabile” (“The time of the incalculable”) presents works inspired by the writings of Sardinian writer Salvatore Cambosu, with whom Lai had a close relationship. 33 previously unpresented ceramic sculptures from the series of Maria Pietra’s Telai (looms) build an environment around “Cuore mio,” one of Cambosu’s stories. Altered photographs and the original video documentation of Lai’s iconic public artwork Legarsi alla montagna (Binding oneself to the mountain) are also on display.