Synchronicity of color-Red, 2008.

Margo Sawyer: Synchronicities

Margo Sawyer’s work process is one of escalating complexity. She starts with specific grid formulas, determining proportions while drawing in Illustrator. Her drawings are further developed via CAD, establishing colors, dimensions, edge treatments, and the arrangement of sheet metal panels. Sawyer’s design team then becomes involved if the work is a commission. Because her work demands multiple procedures, Sawyer collaborates with industrial fabricators who are willing to experiment, working with them to design attachment systems and specialized color coatings. After fabrication, Sawyer uses a system that she developed to indicate placement. The final realization of a project involves coordination with and oversight of contractors and crews at the worksite. Sawyer builds in potential for last- minute changes by making extra panels with different colors.…see the entire article in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.