Marc Swanson, Untitled (Shoes), 2011. Wood, shoes, plaster, paint, rawhide, twine, light bulbs, and light sockets, 18 x 77 x 24 in.

Marc Swanson


Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Marc Swanson’s recent solo exhibition was named for Second Story, a now defunct gay bar in San Francisco that had closed before the artist even visited the city. Inevitably, the sculptures make reference to a past time in gay culture. The “second story” can be a level hidden from street view, as well as a less obvious narrative or story. Untitled (Harold Box), Untitled (Gold Box), and Untitled (Black Fabric and Chains), each constructed of “boxes” that appear to have been sawn in half length-wise, stand open and vertical. …see the entire review in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.