Synesthetic Lieder (detail), 2023. Copper, steel, aluminum, cement, glass, and pigments, 170 x 60 x 180 cm. Photo: Stefan Stark

Making Contact: A Conversation with Andrés Aizicovich

Artist and inventor Andrés Aizicovich uses his objects and installations as a means to reimagine the dynamics of communication. Suspicious of the hyper-connectivity of modern life and concerned by the deterioration of the social fabric, he aims to restore the power of perception while encouraging collaborative encounters through alternative forms of contact and interaction. The young Argentinian artist draws on a variety of conceptual worlds, from astronomy and quantum physics to mysticism, music, and science fiction, fascinated by ideas that push the limits of the knowable. Incorporating fantasy and touches of Surrealism, his works function in simple, mechanical ways and often invite interaction, their rudimentary technologies aimed at changing the physical and poetic state of the world.

María Carolina Baulo: Could you explain your approach to communication and language?
Andrés Aizicovich:
In recent years, my artistic practice has turned toward problems related to oral transmission, conversation, and translation. Several questions hover around these concerns: How to transform speech into matter? How to make words an artistic medium?

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