Mags Harries, Rising Water, 2015. Water, rope, bags, boots, and pulley system hardware, dimensions variable.

Mags Harries


Boston Sculptors Gallery and Gallery Kayafas

Mags Harries’s recent Boston exhibitions attacked complacency toward the mounting consequences of melting polar ice. She charmed viewers with familiar nautical forms, wittily anthropomorphized, mimicking other materials, or inverted in scale. The shows included found and cast objects, installations, videos, and a series of digital prints and three-dimensional reproductions. Seductiveness alternated with terror, as we perceived the actors’ imminent peril to be our own. Yet, Harries also offered hope of redemption through her irrepressible experimentation and inventiveness, marrying sophisticated technology with creative thought. At Boston Sculptors Gallery, a number of life preservers cast in provocative materials welcomed visitors with misleading cheer. A sense of grim foreboding lurked beneath the surface…see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.