Installation view of works by Liz Glynn, from “Made in L.A.,” 2012.

“Made in L.A.”

Los Angeles

Hammer Museum

“Made in L.A.,” the first biennial survey of Los Angeles-based artists, featured three artists making interesting sculpture—Liz Glynn, Caroline Thomas, and David Snyder. A sufficient amount of their work was on view to reveal their conceptual trajectories. Glynn’s collection of objects was dominated by two large wooden structures made primarily from recycled pallets. In the two-part Anonymous Needs and Desires (Gaza/Giza) (2012), a high wall doubles as a wide cabinet with colorful plywood drawers containing cast lead objects that can be removed and handled, while a plywood closet contains a dress and a tree branch. Passage (Giza/Gaza) (2012), a tall, tapering, hollow rhomboid, intersects a windowed, Sheetrock partition. Minus titles and wall text, this abstract, poetic aggregation offers no clue that it is “about” the 2011 Egyptian revolution. …see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.