Being Sleeping, 2004. Blue pencil, acrylic paint, fabric, and papier-mâché, 11 x 18 x 44 in.

Luisa Rabbia: A Sense of Kinship

Luisa Rabbia employs the human form to express existential themes, ranging from physical and spiritual transformation to the interconnectivity of all beings. Despite its figurative aspects, her eclectic body of work, consisting of sculptures, installations, drawings, and animated videos, tends toward abstraction. Though Rabbia carefully renders some elements, she is not interested in a literal observation of human anatomy. She does not focus on the aesthetics of the body, but its symbolic potential, and she is intrigued by its role as the container of life’s rhythms. Rabbia perceives the body as a home, where memories shelter, emotions unfold, and experiences are preserved. She takes inspiration from how this interior life leaves its traces over time, marking the skin like a line drawing. Conscious of the fact that the body also serves as a barrier…see the entire article in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.