Lowell Miller, 2014. Metal, wood, and proprietary cement, 15 x 63.30 x 15 in.

Lowell Miller

Woodstock, New York

Fletcher Gallery

Lowell Miller, a longtime student of sculpture, recently exhibited his linearly figurative work in a seemingly far-too-early career retrospective. The show offered Miller’s take on storytelling and craft, mapping that take on the body, naked and elemental. Venus presided here, cloaked in ll her guises. The prehistoric, the erotic, the nymphaeaic, and the yonic were made manifest in material. Miller works in a spacious studio next to his home, off the main road to and from Woodstock. He works in metal, primarily bronze, and ceramics, creating classical things that mostly overlook the widely shared view that contemporary sculpture traces its lineage only from David Smith. Miller’s hand is present in all of his pieces, even those cast in the same Hudson Valley …see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.