Linda Huey, Dark Garden, 2013. Glazed stone­ware, rebar, wire, metal scraps, glue, and wood, dimensions variable.

Linda Huey

Brockton, Massachusetts

Fuller Craft Museum

The former Fuller Art Museum, now the Fuller Craft Museum, retains its dedication to craftspeople who also produce art. Dark Garden, a recent installation by veteran ceramicist Linda Huey, was a case in point. Photos of the “garden” fail to convey its impact or scale. Many of Huey’s ceramic plants rise more than 10 feet tall. For several decades, art has been on a soapbox, denouncing our throwaway culture and its impact on the earth. Huey takes on that theme in Dark Garden, but she finds unexpected angles that shift the viewer from amused surprise to teeth- gnashing indignation. Such extreme responses stem from a tension between our desire to see beauty and a forced confrontation with rot, debris, and trash... see the entire review in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.