Liliana Porter, Man with Axe (detail), 2011. Wooden platform with objects, 45 x 144 x 152 in.

Liliana Porter

New York

Hosfelt Gallery

Although many artists incorporate figurines, toys, animals, and signs into their work, Liliana Porter’s take on this strategy stands out for its overtly political, international layers. For example, one work in her recent show, The Intruder, juxtaposes a crowd of over 50 figurines varying in size, era, material, and culture. A white knitted toy poodle, Mao in a gray uniform, a cowgirl, and a white porcelain Chinese figure take precedence in terms of size, followed by birds, ducks, Pinocchio, a very small drum-playing pig, a tiny clown, and a dog. The smallest players in this ensemble piece include a wooden Mickey Mouse and a replica of Jackie and Jack Kennedy in their presidential convertible…see the entire review in the print version of September’s Sculpture magazine.