LeRone Wilson, Homage to Ra (Sun), 2016. Encaustic on panel, 36 in. diameter.

LeRone Wilson

New York

gallery nine5

LeRone Wilson’s encaustic sculpture is abstract, Minimalist, and geometric yet loaded with individualizing touches. The highly textured and boldly colored surfaces are intense. The titles, such as Divine Circle, Stars Rained on Me, Homage to Ra (Sun), Distinction Between One Color, Universal Journey, and Footsteps of My Ancestor’s Harkhuf, refer to spiritual, mythological, and philosophical concepts. “Universal Journey,” the exhibition title, alludes to human history in general, and more specifically, to historic Egyptian uses of encaustic. Critic Christopher Stackhouse, in his exhibition essay, aligns Wilson’s work with that of Eva Hesse and Donald Judd. For him, Wilson’s “obsession with wax” is “phenomenological,” combining “the human hand and technological intervention.” Though the use of encaustic is ancient, everything else about Wilson’s approach seems original. He creates his work by building layers of beeswax…see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.