Lee Mingwei, he Moving Garden, 2009/2014. Interactive Installation with tables, chairs, thread, and fabric items.

Lee Mingwei


Mori Art Museum

If you have patience with the lofty, yet somehow naïve, intentions of Taiwanese artist Lee Mingwei, you’ll find that somehow he gets to the truth of contemporary society. His thoughtful, hypnotic, yet quiet voice in his videos explains the ideas behind each of his participatory projects. His roots in Taiwan go deep: a family photo album, beginning with his great-grandfather and his grandparents (who attended university in Japan), was displayed in the show. In California, he studied with Suzanne Lacy. His work freely crosses traditional boundaries of gender. Since receiving his MFA in sculpture from Yale University in 1997, he’s been mainly based in New York. His works have been exhibited across the world since 2005. In The Mending Project (2009/2014), spools of brightly colored threads spread over…see the entire review in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.