Leandro Erlich, installation detail of “Two Different Tomorrows,” 2011.

Leandro Erlich

New York

Sean Kelly Gallery

In the exhibition “Two Different Tomorrows,” Argentinian conceptual sculptor Leandro Erlich addressed the problem of time that he encountered while traveling in Asia: he confused the tomorrow that followed his place of residence with the tomorrow of his gallery’s time zone. Interested in creating a temporal no man’s land, he offered four highly realistic versions of elevators, their verisimilitude so accurate as to reach trompe l’oeil proportions. According to Erlich, an elevator is “a functional object, but one in which life seems to be suspended parenthetically.” These copies, which include an elevator stalled mid-floor, a bank of elevators, an elevator shaft laid out horizontally rather than vertically, and an elevator that opens to reveal changing videos of Japanese riders in Tokyo, are fabulously realistic…see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.