Laura Evans, installation view of “The Aching Web,” 2016.

Laura Evans


Boston Sculptors Gallery

Laura Evans is best known for her bronze versions of brown paper lunch bags—crinkles, folds, and all. Real lunch bags are meant to be disposable ephemera. Evans’s bronzes will last for the ages. They’re comical. Tucked in a bookcase indoors or sitting on the grass outside, they sometimes make people giggle. While still engaged with the lunch bags, Evans moved on to tree branches in her recent show, “The Aching Web.” These antic constructions had a presence even before you entered the gallery. One of them started on the floor of the large room, struggled to climb over a railing, and ended up on a shelf just below the big windows looking onto the street. It was easy for passersby to see, and perhaps some were lured inside. Through the door and up a short flight of stairs, a fuse box was temporarily adorned with a bundle of tiny twigs that could be read as an alternate form of power…see the entire review in the print version of September’s Sculpture magazine.