Kristjan Gudmundsson, Olympic Drawing— Men’s Ice Hockey, 2016. Graphite, ice hockey goal, and mixed media, goal: 24 x 130 cm.

Kristján Gudmundsson


Galerie Anhava

A strikingly potent, yet ultimately illusory air of reticence pervaded “Olympic Drawings,” a show highlighting Kristján Gudmundsson’s discerning series of recent sculptures and a carefully selected handful of related works. Their singularly reductive style evades facile interpretation. This frequently induces consternation in gallery-goers, who are faced with familiar objects situated in contexts that thwart expectations and offer no obvious clues as to how they could or should be read. In this show, the sculptures neither shed light on the practice of drawing nor made overtures to one of the world’s most popular athletic events.…see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.