Last Chance to See, 2004. Replica of pond in fabric, embroidery, and video-animation, installation view

Knowledge Through Stories: A Conversation with Eva Marisaldi

Eva Marisaldi shows us the extraordinary in the ordinary: the mold that grows on things, stories of parties and unusual situations, drawings that rub themselves out, or the discovery of a new place. There is also the matter of communication as a relationship between things: her installations often become the backdrop for interpersonal exchange mechanisms. Marisaldi was born in Bologna in 1966 and began to exhibit in the 1990s, following a complex artistic path that unites simple materials with technology. She has always aimed at going beyond the appearance of things. Among the best known artists in Italy, Marisaldi was invited to the Venice Biennale in 1993 and 2001 and has also taken part in major international exhibitions such as the Lyons Biennial in 2003 and the Gwangju Biennial in 2004. Her most important solo exhibitions have been shown at the Massimo De Carlo Gallery in Milan, MAMCO in Geneva, and the Massimo Minini Gallery in Brescia. Her latest project included leading a workshop and an exhibition of ceramic pieces at the Museo Carlo Zauli in Faenza. Daniela Lotta, who also participates in the following interview, is a critic and curator living in Bologna. She has worked with Marisaldi for several years and was the curator for the artist’s solo show at the Museo Carlo Zauli in 2005.