Kishio Suga. Surrounding and Connected Scenery (on walls), 1998. Aluminum, wood, and acrylic, dimensions variable.

Kishio Suga: Stealth Objects

Looking at Kishio Suga’s work is like watching a photograph develop: it makes itself available gradually, subtly, indirectly, yielding its content slowly. It’s sculpture that flies under the radar, taking you by surprise. Suga believes that concepts exist in physical things before they’re used in an object and that the artist’s task is to reveal them. Each intensely abstract and beautiful object asserts its physicality and generative ideas. Although Suga does not make Western-style minimal objects, there are no extraneous elements; his work is so stripped down that every detail is relevant. The objects perform in a situational environment, where arrangements are changeable and impermanent. The impact of his work is extraordinary… see the entire article in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.